10 things to consider when you are dating a virgin

Have you ever noticed that nowadays sex is everywhere? Songs, movies, magazines… It seems like the whole pop-culture is totally focused on this topic. With this kind of pressure, it’s hard to imagine that you can meet someone who has less sexual experience than you. Though, dating a virgin is normal, especially if you are still in your twenties.

Don’t freak out and make your partner feel comfortable. We all have been there and the best you can do for her/him is take everything in your hands. Though, if you are still looking for some tips that will tell you how to act in such a situation, here are 10 things to consider when you are dating a virgin.

Set your goals

How do you see your relationship in future? Do you think it will be a long shot or it’s just a short-time fling? The way you think about your relationship matters a lot as it will influence the way you should act with your partner.

Think about expectations

It’s important to know what both of you are expecting from it. Is it just a casual sex for you or are you expecting it to be a new step in your relationship? You should not only think about what does it mean for you but also how much does your partner care about it. The fact that he/she is a virgin doesn’t mean that they can’t feel easy about having sex on the first or second date.

No pressure allowed

No pressure on your partner. This is the main rule. You can show that you are ready and you want to have sex with her/him but don’t force your partner to make their decision instantly.

Listen to your partner

If you listen to your partner carefully, you may notice that she/he is giving you hints telling you that you can already make a move. So, if you don’t want to miss this moment, listen to your partner and watch their body language signs.

Take it slowly

Don’t rush the things out. If your partner is not feeling ready to do it right now and wants to wait a little, you should listen. As far as you are okay with waiting and see this relationship as a long-term, give your partner some time to get ready and feel comfortable to move forward.

Respect the privacy

Do not push your partner to talk about sex. Don’t ask about their sexual life unless he/she is not ready to talk about it. ‘Why are you still a virgin?’ – is the worst question you can ask in this situation. When it’ll be the right time, you’ll definitely know all the details.

Develop emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is even more important than the physical one. For most people (and especially for a virgin) it’s important to know that they can trust their partner. Developing the emotional intimacy is the first step to be closer to your partner and it will lead to physical intimacy as well.

Take it seriously

For you it might be “just sex” but don’t show it to your partner! He/she should always feel that’s you are taking it seriously and care about you and your sexual life.

Start with little

You don’t need to push or persuade your partner for sex. If you’ll start with little steps, he/she will be the one who’ll ask you for it.

Lead the process

When you are dating a virgin you should be the one to lead the whole process. Make sure that your partner won’t feel confused or uncomfortable. Take care of all the preparations and possible problems to make this experience perfect for your partner.

Don’t be scared of dating a virgin. Even though a lot of people don’t want to take this responsibility and become “the first one”, dating a virgin may bring a lot of new into your sexual and romantic life.

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